People on the Internet Falls in Love with a Charming One-Eared Dog Named Rae

External congenital disabilities often happen to puppies, and it’s saddening to see the little ones struggle as they grow up. You’d think it’ll be hard for them to survive when they have a missing body part — especially one that helps them daily. Those external congenital disabilities often come in missing body parts like legs, eyes, ears, or even a tail. This condition is usually caused by hereditary issues. It can also happen when the mother has nutritional defects, a disease while pregnant, difficulties in labor, and is exposed to chemical toxins.

For this reason, deformed puppies are meant to stay in a loving, supportive home. They need to be somewhere accepting and love them wholeheartedly. Because even though they have missing body parts, their hearts are still full of love, and their charm can completely win you over. For instance, a one-eared dog named Rae. She is a playful and adorable pup who is called a unicorn due to the formation of her single ear. Her beautiful name is the backward spelling of ear which perfectly suits her.

The golden retriever’s story was shared by Good Morning America with details from her human mom. According to the video, Rae’s ear was torn off when her mother was giving birth to her. She had to be brought to the hospital for surgery and was under observation for a whole week. Luckily, she survived and now brings sunshine to their household. Rae’s ear became her cutest asset, making her the prettiest golden unicorn to ever exist.

People gave positive comments on the Youtube video. The section was filled with love and praise for Rae. Lif commented, “It’s like a little Mohawk so cute!!” And another person with the username Toniel Taylor wrote, “She looks like shes rockin a messy bun.” It really does! Rae’s missing ear is seen as a cute hairstyle that adds to her charm.

Due to her undeniable adorability, her human mom created an Instagram page where she posts photos and videos of Rae. You can get to know more about the golden unicorn by following her account. She’ll surely brighten your day when you see her on your timeline.

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