People Want My Best Friend, But No One Wants Me

Beatrice and Rocko make an adorable pair, as mismatched as they may be.  When they were dumped at the shelter,


all they had left was each other.  Many have tried to adopt Beatrice (the little one), but no one wanted her best friend, too.  They need a home together, so if you live in the Atlanta area, please consider giving them a chance!


Rocko the tan male and Beatrice the small female.
They are both about 3 years old and were owner surrendered to us.

This pair had their world turned upside down when they entered the shelter.
Confusion and despair.
All they knew and had left was each other. We just have to keep them together.


We’ve had many people want to adopt only Beatrice, but they would be lost without each other.
Open your heart and your home to both of these special pups.

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