A Perfect Pair: Dog Abused by Humans and Lady Attacked By A Dog Get A Special Treat!

 This is one incredible story. This is the story of Susie and Donna. They are a perfect pair, a match made in heaven.

As a puppy, Susie was abused by her previous owners. They beat her, set her on fire, and left her for dead. She suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on over 60% of her body. But she had a very strong will to live.
On the other hand, Donna also went through a very traumatic experience. She was viciously attacked by her neighbor’s dog, resulting in 50 stitches and a miscarriage.

Here you have a dog who is conquering her fear of humans, and a woman who is terrified of dogs, and fate brought them together. Who would have thought that these two would find comfort in each other.

The people at Bark & Co were so touched by Susie and Donna’s story they decided to give them a very special treat! Watch the video below and see how these two had the best day of their lives!

Awwww…what an awesome day! I am so touched by their story and how they fought hard to end animal abuse! They are indeed a perfect match! And these two definitely deserve to be spoiled!

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