Perfect ‘Stanley’ abandoned in Tennessee and now back in Florida shelter seeking new home

Stanley had been the longest canine resident at the Cape Coral Animal Shelter in Florida when it opened in 2020. Everyone at the shelter loved him; it had been a time when Covid affected so many lives; even a dog as adorable as Stanley, waiting 101 days before finding his forever home.

This was Stanley in April 2020:

Our longest canine resident, Stanley Wilson would like a word with you: ‘I’m Stan the Man, last name Wilson, and I am the most handsome dude in all the land. I have a little nubby tail, but personally, I think it gives me character. I’m always smiling because I know there is a family out there who will appreciate me for the stud that I am. I have a lot of energy and really don’t like to sit or lay still for very long. I’m a good walker and love my walks. I’m very curious about new surroundings and love my chew toys, so that keeps me occupied on my down time. I also have a healthy appetite and will eat anything you give me.’

Stanley waited patiently for this family to come along, and in May 2020, he was ready to drive himself home. Of course, everyone at the rescue was surely going to miss him, but it’s every shelter and rescuer’s dream – every dog finds a loving home.

What happened? The details have not been shared, but less than two weeks ago, Stanley was found abandoned in Tennessee. He had made his way to a front porch and waited for someone to help him. A rescuer found him, and his microchip directed the person to the the Cape Coral Animal Shelter.

On September 28, shelter volunteer Bob Steeler picked up Stanley halfway in Tifton, Georgia; the dog had been temporarily fostered by another rescue person. Stanley, still the perfect dog, settled into the back seat and slept and played – enjoying his car ride.

And now Stanley is waiting to be adopted again.

i’m always smiling because i know there is a family out there who will appreciated me for the big lug that i am

Hopefully, Stanley won’t be waiting long for a new home, and we wish this adorable guy the best. There have been several inquiries and interested would be adopters, but if it’s not Stanley, please take a few minutes and check out the other deserving pets who would be just as thrilled to meet new friends.

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