Pet Owner Installs AC Unit in Dog House

Hana, a German shepherd who lives in Guaraí, Brasil, is very loved by her owner Wyomar Ramos de Araujo. The pet has her own brick dog house outside her owner’s home, but as all dog houses go, it doesn’t come with central air. Guaraí, can get pretty hot and to alleviate Hanna’s discomfort, her owner fitted the dog house with its very own AC unit.


Temperatures in Guaraí, Brasil, can reach 120 °F most of the year, and any pet left exposed to those hot temperatures can die. A dog house offers some shade and lower temperatures, but not much comfort.

The 39-year-old pet owner told Nuevo Diario Web that the idea to fit Hana’s dog house with an AC unit came to him three months ago on a hot day.

After returning home after work, Ramos de Araujo found the dog very restless. Hana had plenty of food and water in her dog house, but she seemed agitated. Thinking the dog was bored, the pet owner took the dog for a walk, but that didn’t help.


“I took the hose and gave her a bath, and right afterwards Hana was happy,” said Ramos de Araujo. “I then understood that what was making her so uncomfortable was the heat.”

He decided that to alleviate his dog’s discomfort level on hot days he needed to do something, and he planned the installation of the AC unit.

Ramos de Araujo says the dog house needs some improvements and remodeling work, but at least he Hana has a cool place to rest on hot days, specially when he is away at work.

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