Pet Owners Are Turning Their Dogs into Refreshing “Soda Pups” for Adorable Meme

There’s no shortage of funny dog photos on the internet, so to stand out, you’ve got to get really creative with the pictures you snap. One of the latest trends in dog memes is starting to take off in Taiwan; pet owners are turning their small pups into dog cola by sitting them upright, placing a bottle cap on their head, and wrapping a soda label around their bodies. When viewed from their backside, the animal vaguely resembles a refreshing caffeinated beverage.

The dog cola meme has our favorite four-legged friends looking like bottles of soda.

You can do it yourself—you just a bottle cap, label, and a very patient furry friend.

Of course, like any “soda” brand, dog cola has competition—cat cola!

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