Pets Who Aren’t Letting Their Owners Go Anywhere Without Them

Our pets are anything but stupid. When we get those suitcases out, they know what’s going on. And they’re not about to let us keep packing! These 22 pets aren’t letting their owners go anywhere without them! 🙂

Oh, am I in the way? I didn’t notice.

If I make THIS face, you won’t be able to leave.

Just try to zip this thing up now!

Do you think they’ll see us?

Okay, that’s everything!

Umm… hi there.

Nope. Sorry, human.

Yep, plenty of room for us!

And your most precious cargo is packed!

Ready when you are!

And where do you think you’re going?

Please don’t leave me.

Try to close it now.

Don’t worry, I packed my toys.

See? I can fit!

Nope, this is ours now.

If I lie still, they won’t see me and I’ll go with them.

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