18 Pets Who Aren’t Letting Their Owners Out Of Their Sight

How does a sleeping pet keep track of its human? Sleep on top of them, of course! Cats and dogs don’t want to ever let their owners out of their sight, even while napping. You may feel like you’re being held hostage because it would just be wrong to move, but it’s also a great feeling to know you’re so loved. 🙂

“Sat down by the bed to read something on my phone. Aaaand now I can’t move or the cat will fall.”

“Can’t move bc my dog laid on top of me and that’s just an unfathomable thing to consider doing.”


“My dog is using me as a pillow and I can’t move”

“My cat fell asleep on my face and is drooling on me…lol”

“Can’t move. Have dog on lap. Bring food.”

“This cat fell asleep on me. I’m trapped forever.”

Gonna be here awhile… 😉

“My cat decided to use my hand as a pillow and now I can’t move”

“Hi, sorry I couldn’t hand in my essay, my dog fell asleep on me”

“Can’t move. Cat has captured me.”

“Dog uses me as a pillow.”

“I just wanna show y’all how my cat fell asleep on me”

“I was laying down and the dog fell asleep on me, pinning me there for about 20 minutes.”

Not going anywhere for a while.

“How the dog fell asleep on me haha”

“Can’t … move … cat … gravity”

“If you lay on them, they can’t move. That’s the secret.”

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