Photo of Therapy Dog Calming Bride Before Wedding Goes Viral


The phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” may be a very old one, but age has not diminished the true meaning of the words.  That’s most likely the reason that a photo of a bride getting to spend some time with her therapy dog to calm her nerves before she ties the knot has become as big as it has.

Valerie Parrott and he dog Bella are pictured in the photo above.  Bella is Parrott’s dog, and she helps out with stress and anxiety management.  They go everywhere and do everything together, and at her wedding, Bella got to wear a specially made dress for the occasion.

The photographer managed to snap off this heartwarming photo before the ceremony took place.  It especially encapsulates the love and understanding between the two, and really shows that Bella has an understanding of why she is as important as she is to Parrott.


“She will do things like lick my hands or lean and put her weight on me to get me to focus on her instead of my surroundings,” said Parrott in an interview with The Huffington Post.  “Basically it helps me to take a moment away from whatever is causing the anxiety and keeps me from having a panic attack.”

Not only was Bella a standout at the wedding, but the other attendees enjoyed her so much, that the positive feedback from them was overwhelming according to Parrott.  It has inspired her to start her own blog about life with Bella as a service dog.  As soon as it is up and running, we’ll have more for you.  Stay connected to Life With Dogs at our blog site,, or on our Facebook page for more information as we have it!


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