Photos That’ll Make You Think Differently About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are often the victims of unfair stereotypes and slander, but they’re out to prove everyone wrong. The 13 pictures below show that the breed is as goofy and loving as any other and that they’d never even hurt a fly! If you don’t love pits already, you will now. 🙂

A pit bull as a customer service rep? Why not! 😛

The face of a dog who wouldn’t harm a soul…

Didn’t you know? Pits love opening day! 😛

Just loving life!

A mixed pit with the best puppy eyes.

This little guy’s coming with you…

“The face you make when you get interrogated about the Adidas sandal and chewed plastic hair clip found in your bed.”

A yoga pit! 😀

This pawdorable pose.

“Puppy school” 🙂

“Mumma says it’s a long weekend. I don’t know what that is but I’m excited.”

“Where life begins, love never ends”

Going for a swim!

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