Picky Dog Won’t Eat Her Dry Food Until Dad ‘Cooks’ It

All dogs seem to have their quirks. Some won’t lie in their bed unless it’s in the perfect spot, and some won’t ride in the car unless you hold their paw the entire time. It’s the little things like this that make them who they are, and we love them even more for it. But I bet you’ve never seen a dog quite like the picky eater in the video below. 😉

Luna’s always been a picky eater. And sometimes she’ll just sit and stare at her bowl of dry dog food. Dad was perplexed by this behavior and didn’t know what to do. But somehow he came up with a random idea, and it works every time!

Now when Luna refuses to eat her food, dad will “cook” it. He doesn’t actually do anything to it, but of course she doesn’t know that. He sets the dish in the oven and puts the timer on one minute. The dog waits patiently for the buzzer.

And it’s ready! The dry dog food is all cooked up and tastier than ever before. 😉

How funny is this? I don’t know how dad came up with this solution, but it’s a huge help! Just look at Luna chowing away. 🙂

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