Pics Of Chameleon Dogs Perfectly Blending In With Their Surroundings

You’ve never heard of chameleon dogs? They are dogs who have the special ability to blend in with their surroundings, no matter where they are. Just look at the 19 photos below for proof! 😉

He’s become one with the rug…

“This dog’s fur matches the pattern of the rug”

“My buddy’s carpet matches his dad’s dog perfectly”

What dog?

Just a bunch of stones and rocks.

“We got a new puppy. She matches the carpet perfectly.”

Where did he go?? 😛

“Thought my dog was with me in the bathroom, then walked out to look for her”

What a fluffy rug!

This dog takes to the pattern of the car seats. 😛

“My dog’s urban camouflage”

“Camouflage mode engaged”

Just some shaggy carpet…

Can you spot the dog?

Snug as a bug on a rug!

Beautiful carpet.

“So my dog likes leaves…”

Nothing to see here…

“I am a towel now.”

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