Pictures Of Puppies In The Most Adorable Sleeping Positions

What’s cuter than a bunch of puppies? A bunch of sleeping puppies! The 16 pups below have fallen asleep in the most adorable positions, and it’s almost too much cuteness to handle.

Sleeping with his favorite toy.

Legs crossed. 🙂

When you just can’t keep your eyes open at work any longer…

Shoe for a pillow. 😉

On the shoulder. <3

When nothing will get in the way of your sleep…

Look at that wrinkly belly!

Now this is adorable.

So tired, anything goes!

Front and back paws touching. 🙂

Ah, this is the spot!

Let sleeping dogs lie.

His feet must’ve gotten tired. 😛

Out on the couch.

Do not disturb.

Little feet straight up!

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