Pictures Showing Stunning Recovery of Rescued Cats— The Transformation Is Truly Incredible

There’s a special place in Hell for people who mistreat animals. But there’s a special place in Heaven for the loving souls that save them. Animal rescue can be a heartbreaking job, with sights that no animal lover ever wants to see.

Thankfully, there are a few people who can close their eyes to the tragedy in order to help a vulnerable little soul. These pictures show the amazing before-and-after transformation of rescued kitties.

Thanks to the help of dedicated animal rescuers everywhere, these babies finally got the life that they truly deserve.

Justin the kitten was rescued from a fire, but look at the lovely kitty now!

This baby was the only survivor of her litter. Now she is grown and living a wonderful life.

This little baby was electrocuted, but now she’s fully recovered and cute as a bug.

Poor Mister Biscuit was burned when he tried to warm up in a car engine. With some tender loving care, look at he gentleman now!

Two-week-old baby Louie was abandoned in a gutter. But thanks to a loving rescuer, he got a brand new lease on life.

This cute little baby was exposed to the elements, but now she lives happy and safe.

This tiny kitten was literally loved back to life.

This baby’s gratitude shines right through.

Little Spyder was saved from a drain pipe, and now she has a brand-new home.

All this cat needed was a kind rescuer and a little bit of love.

This baby was hungry and begging for food, but a loving rescuer gave her so much more.

One week with a loving rescuer, and this kitten was entirely transformed.

Baby Oliver had abusive owners— but he’s happy and healthy in his brand-new home.

Tiny baby Peter only needed a bit of love.

From sad and angry to happy and trusting— all because of one kind soul.

Lionel was sad and abandoned— but then he got a family to call his own.

Baby Kayle was hungry and homeless, but now she’s full of food and love.

Thank you to anyone who rescues animals. You are a true angel on Earth.

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