Pictures That Can Make You Rush and Adopt a Couple of Huskies Right Away

The dogs of this breed are smart, adorable, and can always find a way out of any situation.

Ah, finally, summer is over!

“My neighbor’s husky likes to use the cat door to see what is going on in the garage.”

Oh hi mom, you came home early today…

“I always suspected that our husky was a little bit catty.”

Not only are these dogs as cute as cats, but they also like boxes.

And not just boxes.

The impossible becomes possible with a husky.

You made a big mistake, human!

They eat everything. Almost everything.

Yet they still believe in eating healthy.

Put something tasty right on our tongues, boss!

When your coffee is too strong but you understand that you can’t do without it in this crazy world:

I watched a horror movie and got scared.

A bookshelf is the most comfortable place for a husky.

When you’re tough but you have a soft side:

What ice cream are you talking about?

When you’re not a morning person, but your friend is:

I’m gonna steal your soul and you will love huskies for the rest of your life.

I sit where I want and this one under me is not fighting it.

He just went running in a field of dandelions.

“My friend’s husky before and after we called him fat.”

When you hear the phrase, “Honey, where do we keep the phone number for the vet?”

When you’ve been cynical since childhood:

All huskies have the super ability to touch our hearts.

Here is more proof of their cuteness:

Bonus: The very moment when your pet becomes a Disney princess:

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