20 Photos To Show People Who Are Scared Of Pit Bulls

There are lots of people out there who think all pit bulls are mean and vicious, and that it’s the breed’s fault. The truth is, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Pits can be just as sweet, cuddly, and loving as any other breed, and the 18 photos below are proof! 🙂

A face that means no harm, only love.

The best co-pilot.

Pits do NOT eat your homework! 😛

The sweetest little face.

Loving life!

A pit watching his kitty friend learn to walk.

This photogenic pit! 🙂

A mama and her pups.

Personal space? Forget about it! 😉

Learning how to swim. 🙂

And birds making friends with a pit!

Making friends with a bird…

The biggest, warmest smile. 🙂

Just wanting some head scratches…

This pittie getting some kisses.

Absolute cuteness overload.

Vicious attack! 😉

This sweet face.

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