Pilot Turns Around To Save Dog’s Life Aboard Air Canada Flight

When we are traveling with our pets, whether that be in the car or on an airplane, we hope that things go as smoothly as possible for them. It’s hard not to worry, but our dogs mean the world to us and the thought of something going wrong can scare us half to death.

Recently on an Air Canada flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto, a flight was turned around when a heating mechanism failed in the cargo hold. The passengers on the main deck would have been perfectly fine, but just as the plane approached the Atlantic Ocean, the pilot made the executive decision to turn the plane around. And why? Because one of the passengers had their seven-year-old French Bulldog, Simba, maintained in the cargo hold. For fear that the dog would likely freeze to death, the pilot made the thoughtful decision to turn around. This $10,000 decision was worth more than money could ever put a price tag on for one extremely grateful owner:


A pilot is responsible for all lives on board of their plane, and this is one pilot who holds that truth to be very dear. Share this heartwarming story with your dog lover friends!

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