Pit bull broke out of home and led police back to save her owner from gas leak

This week, a clever pit bull in Tuckahoe, New York, managed to save her owner from a potentially deadly gas leak. As reported by CBS New York, Sadie broke out of her house on Wednesday and went running through the streets, “barking up a storm.”

Her antics garnered enough attention for the police to respond. But when officers attempted to capture her, she took off running – right back to her home. It was there that officers discovered an open door and smelled gas.

Sadie’s owner, Serena Costello, doesn’t know with absolute certainty that her dog went looking for help, but she does suspect that to be the case. She told the news agency, “I don’t know. I want to say bringing them here. What else could it be.”

Inside of the house, evidence of Sadie’s desperation to get out were present – a door showed where she had frantically scratched at the wood. Ultimately, the 11-year-old dog figured out how to nudge the glass slider open.

Good girl Sadie!

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Image via screenshot CBS New York

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