Pit Bull Caught In The Act Being Nice To The Cat, Instantly Regrets It

Haven’t you heard? Dogs and cats do not get along. At least that’s what people keep saying. We all know that’s not always the case though. But I think dogs and cats are starting to go along with this false proclamation and trying to trick us! Big, tough dogs like the pit bull in the video below do have reputations to uphold, you know. 😉

Here, Mom catches the pit bull being nice to the family cat and catches the instance on camera for all to see. But when the dog realizes she’s been caught in the act…

The pit instantly regrets it! The look she gives Mom knowing she was seen loving the cat like the big softy she is says it all. Now excuse the dog while she goes and digs a hole or gets in the trash or something to try to restore her tough-dog persona. 🙂

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