Pit Bull Clings To Broken Fence As Louisiana Flood Volunteers Try To Save Him

It amazes me how resilient dogs can be and it’s no wonder this determined Pit Bull survived. Louisiana Flood volunteers found this handsome fellow clinging to life on a broken fence. You can see the relief come over the dog’s face as he sees humans approach on a small boat.

Heroes never have a day off, especially when so many are still needed. Animals are still fighting for survival in the aftermath of the storm. Thankfully, no one is giving up quickly.

As animal lovers, we can appreciate all they have been through and know they need as much help as we can give. Please think about donating to the disaster relief fund through Greater Good. Donations start as little as $5 and can do so much for deserving animals in need. Share this post and info about this program, please. They need us and we need to act… for the love of all things furry!

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