Pit Bull Who Died in House Fire Is Brought Back to Life by Hero Firefighters

Molly is perhaps the very definition of “lucky dog.”  Firefighters in Charlotte, North Carolina responded to a house fire, and she had to be taken out of the house by first responders.  When they brought her out to the front yard, she was completely unresponsive, but thanks to the tireless efforts of the rescue crew, she was revived!


Most of the time, the fire crew carries specifically made canine resuscitation masks for just such occasions, but they didn’t have one at the time.  Using a bit of quick thinking, one of the medics cut their own mask down to size for Molly, and tanks to them she was able to survive.

While her family now finds themselves homeless just a few short days before Christmas, Peay is just very relieved that Molly is going to be OK, and that no one else was home at the time to also be in danger.  The rescue crews do not believe that Molly suffered any further injuries from the smoke inhalation, and it is expected that she’ll make a full recovery.

The family is being assisted by The Red Cross according to news reports, so anyone wishing to donate anything to the family can simply make a donation to their local Red Cross.  Unfortunately, the Red Cross does not allow direct donations made to anyone through their organization.  If a GoFundMe or something of the like does start up, we will post an update here.


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