Pit Bull Dives Into The Water – What She Pulls Out Will Floor You!

This video totally floored me, I was so amazed. I would not have believed that any dog – much less a Pit Bull – was capable of performing such amazing feats. And not just once – but over and over!

Out for a day of fishing with their Human, Ken Weisner, Pit Bulls Kaylie and Ellah enjoy frolicking in the water – and then discover to their extreme joy that the salmon are spawning. Lots and lots of salmon. Everywhere!

Kaylie decides she wants to fish like her Master does – and goes at it like an old pro.

Ah, the sporting life! This Pit Bull has more talent than a Labrador Retriever when it comes to fishing things out of the water.

Watch the video on the next page as you see Kaylie’s determined efforts to show off her talents as a sportswoman.  She struggles to keep her prized conquests safe while going after more.  

This is an amazing video!

(The videographer notes that all fish were returned to the water unharmed after shooting these scenes – and also that they had already laid their eggs in the water before being “caught.”)

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