Pit Bull Rescued From A Fighting Ring Is Given His First Snack, And ‘Loses His Mind’

Dog fighting is a despicable activity on every conceivable level. Today, we’re introducing you to a dog named Finn the Pit Bull, better known as Mighty Finn. Meet Finn the Pit Bull, also known as Mighty Finn, a.k.a., “Finn”

Pit Bulls that have been trained for fighting are generally considered hazardous. But Finn was not.

When he was first rescued, he was so hungry for love and fine cuisine that when he got his first delectable meal after being saved, he could not contain himself!

Finn was raised in a household where he received little or no attention, and thus he has few expectations of anything. So when his new parents offered him pizza dough, it was one of life’s greatest pleasures for him!

He went berserk! He started sprinting from one side of the room to the other, banging his side body against the walls while floor skating.

Clearly, he was overjoyed! The pizzazoomies had begun!

This lovely Pit Bull demonstrates how sometimes the tiniest pleasures in life are so gratifying.

He is now in a secure, happy, and delicious home where he enjoys his pizza crusts.

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