Pit Bull Returned Abused & Malnourished A Year After He Was Adopted

Staff at The Animal Foundation were relieved when one of their pit bull mixes was adopted, but everything came crashing down when his new owner returned him a year later, looking malnourished and abused.

Three-year-old Zion, previously named Rocko, won over the hearts of everyone at Spencer Springs Animal Hospital, so when he returned, their hearts were broken.

Kelly Winder, an independent dog rescuer, just happened to be at The Animal Foundation when Zion’s owner showed up, wanting to drop him off for good.

Since he looked so sickly, Winder assumed he was a found dog, but the owner told her he was returning him and claimed he was aggressive. He refused to sign any surrender papers; all he wanted to do was walk in, drop him off and leave without having to talk to anyone.

When Zion was adopted a year ago, he weighed 60 pounds, but weighed just 25 pounds when he was returned. He also had sores all over his body, which indicated that he was forced to sleep on concrete for months.

“I wanted to cry,” Tina Hayes, with Vegas Pet Rescue Project, told 8 News Now.

Vegas Pet Rescue Project stepped up to take care of all of Zion’s medical needs. They also made sure that Zion’s previous owner will never be able to adopt an animal ever again.

Unfortunately, Zion had to have his tail amputated, but he recovered quickly and then went on to live with a foster.

He also received training classes from Lucky Pup training, which has prepared him for his new forever home.

Zion is now back to full health and awaiting a loving home.

Hear his story in the video below:

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