Pit Bull Saves His Owner From A Robber!

An armed robbery suspect in Saco, Maine got a big surprise when he walked into Holly’s Gas Station. Masked and carrying a gun, he was intent on stealing cash from the register, surprising the clerk with his pistol after asking to use the telephone.

But it was the robber who got a shock when he was suddenly charged himself by a viciously protective dog!

Justin Ireland, the clerk, was never in danger due to the fact he had Thor, his Boxer-Pit Bull mix, at his side when the robbery attempt occurred. Thor bit the robber’s hands and lunged with his bared teeth at the man’s face, at which point the robber did the sensible thing and fled the scene. He was seen driving off in a light blue Chevy Silverado.

The incident was captured on the gas station’s security camera, and you can see Thor doing his job enthusiastically in the short clip.

The local news built a virtual reenactment of the whole incident that includes the CCTV footage, which you can see below.

Justin is probably very glad now that he’s got a Pit Bull watching his back!

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