Pit Bull Stands Guard Over Injured Human After Fire

There was a house fire in Landover Hills, Maryland early this morning.  One of the home’s residents was injured in the fire, and when firefighters arrived on the scene, the resident’s pit bull standing guard.


At first, the dog seemed very scared, and didn’t want anything worse to happen.  The dog pretty much refused to leave the human’s side, so rescuers had to distract it to administer first aid.

They tried to call the dog away, but that wasn’t happening.  So, they grabbed a standard fire extinguisher, and sprayed it off in the air.  The noise got the dog to leave the man’s side, and the man was saved.

Firefighters said that the dog was never aggressive in any way towards them.  They knew the dog was scared for his human, and they understood that.  Even after they got to the man and administered first aid, the dog eventually made his way back to the man, and laid down by his side again.

The man is expected to be OK, and is in the good hands at a local hospital.  The man’s daughter was also in the home at the time, but was not badly injured and is expected to be just fine as well.  Rescue teams also took two turtles and a couple other dogs out of harm’s way as well, and all are doing just fine.


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