Pit Bull Tied To A Pole Finds Loving Home And Now Has His Own Patio

A lot of people fell in love with Tater Tot, not only because he is cute but because of his indomitable spirit. So many people applied to be Tater Tot’s new parent!

He already went through so much so his rescuers were extra careful in picking the right parent for him. After all, he is a dog with special needs due to the surgeries he had to go through.

They picked Chris Ficarra to be his new dad, and it’s a match made in heaven. Ficarra is the best dad he could ever ask for.

”I just fell in love with his story and he was so cute,” Ficarra told The Dodo.

Turn to the next page to see how his story ends. Tater Tot deserves every minute of the awesome life he’s living right now.

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