Pit Bull’s Reaction To Reuniting With Her Hospitalized Owner Will Melt Your Heart!

Meet Rick and Karma. Karma is a pit bull and Rick’s devoted companion. They do everything together. Unfortunately, one day disaster struck. Karma fell into a river and Rick did not hesitate at all. He jumped into the river to save her. Karma was okay but Rick developed a serious infection from the water. The doctors told him he had to seek emergency medical care right away because the infection presented a real danger to his health.

Rick didn’t have anyone he knew that could take care of Karma while he was gone. In desperation, he took her to the Villalobos Rescue Center and asked them to take care of her while he was getting treated. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a record of his request and had no idea of how to contact him. Everyone, including Karma, wondered if she was going to be stuck at the shelter for good.

Nearly two weeks later, Rick was finally well enough to leave the hospital and come back for his sweet Karma. The shelter workers were happy to see him again, but that was nothing compared to Karma’s reaction. Rick had been worried about how she was doing while he was in the hospital and was glad to see her still in good spirits. Fortunately, their reunion was caught on tape and we can all witness the joy that both Karma and Rick experienced when he returned.

Check out these pictures of their reunion and share them with everyone you know. Puppy love is real, and Karma proves that for dogs–even for pit bulls–true love conquers all.

Karma is waiting anxiously for Rick to come back. Life is hard for dogs at animal shelters, even for good ones. She must have wondered if she would ever see her beloved owner again. This is a great reminder for all dog lovers and dog owners about how much a dog’s emotional health is affected by their relationship with their owner.


Look at that happy face! Karma is smiling like crazy now that Rick is back for her. That cuddle makes her so happy! And Rick is happy, too, of course. Have you ever seen such a happy looking dog?


Sometimes the cuddles are so intense you have to sit down to enjoy them. Look how happy Rick is to see Karma and look how many cuddles Karma is giving Rick!


Even after Rick was ready to take her leash and bring her home, Karma couldn’t stop giving kisses. Rick can’t resist it either and gave up some more cuddles.


If you’re too happy to walk, maybe your owner will carry you the way Rick carried Karma. There’s never been a happier dog than Karma is right now.


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