Pitbull Shows Everyone Just How Happy He Is To Be Adopted

Ecstatic; happy; joyful; thrilled; delighted. We can use all the adjectives that allude to happiness but that still will not come close to how Hooch, the pit bull felt when he finally arrived at his forever home. FINALLY! He has been adopted and will have a chance to live a life this sweet dog deserves; a loving family and wonderful home with a big, big yard to run around in too!


It is such a joy to watch this awe-inspiring video and see just how much happiness can be felt by a dog.

I’m really so teary eyed, thrilled and happy for Hooch knowing that he has finally come home!


There are millions of rescued dogs in America and pit bulls are in the category where not many get adopted because of the bad reputation that they unfairly have been branded.

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