Pittie Figures Out A Great Way To Get His Toddler’s Attention

Gemma is sure jealous of the iPad that Elliott is playing with today. All his attention is so focused on it and it’s really making her feel left out. So what’s a girl to do? She sure doesn’t want to fight with him nor sulk in one corner till he pays her some attention and besides, she wants his attention, NOW!

Hmmmm…Gemma, you sure are one smart cookie! Yup, smother him with kisses – that’s sure to get any boy’s attention.. Any boy that is, except Elliott’s today. Sorry sweetie, looks like the iPad holds more fascination than you but don’t fret Gemma, Elliott will soon be bored with the iPad, trust me!

[iframe id=”https://rumble.com/embed/vbega/”]

Who would want to stay indoors when you can have the sun and lots of adventures with your best bud? No iPad can ever give little boys the wonderful memories that only dogs can give them. Share this with others and who knows, maybe someone would be inspired to get a doggie like Gemma for their little boy too!

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