Pittie’s Owner Dies, And He Wants Nothing More Than To Be Adopted By His UPS Driver

Katie Newhouser befriended a pit bull named Leo and his mom, Tina Rummel, while on her route as a UPS driver. They bonded over the years and became very close, but one day tragedy struck. Tina passed away, and this left Leo all alone. Tina’s son was away on active Marine duty, and there weren’t many options. But Leo knew exactly what he wanted.

Leo practically begged to be taken in by Katie! He’d hop into her truck and refuse to leave. So Katie decided to foster him until the son got back from duty. Leo is so friendly and easy-going that he got along with all of the other dogs in Katie’s home.

This bond grew into something that couldn’t be broken, and Katie knew she had to keep Leo! She adopted him and gave him the home he deserved — and the one he really wanted once his owner passed away.

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