Pittsburgh Man Turns Snowy Streets Into Dog Sledding Adventure!

What do you usually do when there’s thick snow outside? Well most people would stay inside during the snow. It’s cold and there isn’t much to do because of all the snow outside. So most of us would prefer to stay indoors, curled up and snuggled with our loved ones, sitting by the fire and sipping hot cocoa. But this guy had the most brilliant idea ever! And it’s absolutely more fun than just building a snowman!

With all the snow in the streets, he saw an opportunity to do something fun with his Huskies! They went for a late-night downtown dog sledding! Yup, dog sledding in the snowy streets! Armed with a camera, he took video clips of their adventure! He and his dogs were definitely having a blast! Watch the awesome video below!

Brilliant idea, right? That was incredible! A lot of people even said that they would pay to try this!
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