Playful and adorable puppy nobody wants waits for someone to love him

A playful and adorable puppy peeks out from behind the bars of his shelter cage, hoping someone will come along and scoop him into their arms. He is a stray and has no name; his fate will be determined at the City of Clovis Animal Shelter in New Mexico.

ID# 64363 – STRAY
Mixed Breed
Male puppy / Not Sterilized
Arrival Date 10/24/2018
Available for Adoption 10/30/2018
Available for Rescue 11/1/2018

Please share this irresistible puppy with approved rescue organizations, family, friends and social media contacts.  At the City of Clovis Animal Shelter, animals have limited time for adoption depending on space available, so quick action is needed.  Rescue organizations that are listed as 501(c)3 are able to pull animals listed for euthanasia at no charge.

All pets will be microchipped and registered to the adopter before leaving the shelter. Vetting is mandatory. The shelter is located at 2203 E. Brady Ave., Clovis New Mexico. More information can be found by contact Clovis Animal Control directly at 575.769.7893 or email Shelter hours are 10 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

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