A Playful Bernese Mountain Dog Reveals His Secret Hiding Place For Dad’s Slipper

Pups are known for sometimes being quite mischievous creatures. You might end up with only left shoes as your pooch slowly gnaws away at, for some reason, all of your right shoes. They can get into the garbage while you’re away, or accidentally knock plants or other items over with their tails. But who can blame them? Those tails were wagging only because they were so happy to see you walk into the room!

Dogs are also some of sweetest creatures. When you treat them right, all they have to give back to you is love.

When this pup was walking around one gray day, his mom decided to start filming him. As he walks off into the garden, it looks as if he’s found something interesting. As he comes back closer to his mom, she notices something very familiar.

The pup is hesitant to come back inside with the treasure he’s found still in his mouth. He seems to think that Mom’s going to be mad at him! Pretty much every dog owner knows a struggle similar to this. It’s in their blood to behave like this, and it’s so precious!

The look on this pup’s face when he finally earns his treat is completely priceless. There’s nothing much sweeter than a truly happy pup, don’t you think so?

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