This Playfully Adorable Dog Food Commercial Will Make Your Day

In addition to belly rubs and couch cuddles, it’s safe to say most dogs love two other things unconditionally: paying with their toys and…no surprise here…food.

In this promotional video for the food brand Beneful, doggie participants are invited to enjoy both! Using a dog-version of the Goldberg Machine (an apparatus that uses a chain reaction to creatively complete simple tasks), these dogs play, fetch, roll and, finally, eat!

The fun series of events even includes a dog dunking a tennis ball into a basketball net! Too cute. We wonder how many rehearsals this took to perfect, and how many dogs went rogue in the process – so many of their favorite things surrounding them, it would be hard not to!

Watch these professional, patient pups go!

[youtube id=”AA56LgpFbSw”] So much cuteness featured in this video, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Is it the furry basketball champ, the dizzy Yorkie or the wheelbarrow filled with Golden puppies? Don’t make us choose!

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