Playing Peekaboo With A Giant Newfoundland Puppy

Newfoundlands are such big dogs, but they are so friendly by nature. I’ve never seen one with a mean bone in its body — I don’t think they’re even capable of hurting a fly! Just imagine an adorable little lap puppy but five times the size. Samson is no exception, watch the video below!

Mom decides to play a game of peekaboo with her gentle giant. It takes him a second to catch on, but once he does, it’s game on! It’s funny how a game of peekaboo can be played regardless of specie, age, or language — it’s the universal game.

I love how Samson closes his mouth to focus when he finally catches on to what mom is doing. The Newfoundland is so interested and full of suspense! After a few times of ducking behind the furniture and peeking at him, Mom gets barked at! 😀

Mom switches to the side of the chair to change it up, and this gets the dog all revved up. Now Samson’s really in a playful mood and grabs his toy! Gotta love him. 🙂

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