A Polar Bear Approached This Dog And The Unexpected Happened

It’s always nice to see two different species of animals develop an adorable, unexpected friendship. Whether it’s a dog and a cat, a dog and an owl…even a dog and a baby! If a pup is involved, it becomes that much cuter.

That’s definitely the case in this video, shot by BBCTwo, where we see a dog befriend…wait for it…a polarbear! The clip is from an episode of the show World’s Weirdest Events. A man in Churchill (located in Canada’s wild north) lives on a large plot of snowy land with his 150 sled dogs. As he describes in the video, several years ago he watched helplessly as a large polar bear approached the area where his loyal pups were staying. He had no idea what he was going to see next, and naturally prepared for the worst.

What happened, though, was truly incredible. Not only did the bear start playing with one of the dogs…the pair struck up enough of a friendship that the same bear visits the dogs around the same time each year since! So amazing.

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