Police Department Brings In Rescue Puppy, And His Job Title Is To Die For

Last year, the St. Paul Police Department received a call about a stray mother dog and her puppies hanging around a local farm. Officer Kathryn Smith responded and arrived on the scene to bring the dogs to safety, and she ended up adopting one of the puppies as her own. Meet Sgt. Fuzz! 🙂

The five-month-old puppy was an instant hit with everyone back at the station! The chief brings his dog, Stella, in on Fridays, and the department thought it’d be nice to have a puppy around every once in a while too.

With such high-stress jobs, the officers and staff found that they really benefited having the puppy there to give them small breaks to focus on something positive and happy.

The police department decided to hire Sgt. Fuzz on as the official “cuddle officer” working part-time at about 10 hours per week while his mom is there. He has the important job of greeting staff members, playing, and cuddling. 🙂

Fuzz has such a friendly attitude and sweet disposition that the department plans to enroll the puppy in a therapy dog certification program once he’s old enough. Then he’ll be able to help even more people!

In the meantime, Sgt. Fuzz is loving all of the attention he’s getting from doing his job! The puppy will even be making regular appearances at community events sponsored by the department.

You can follow the St. Paul Police Department on Facebook for new Sgt. Fuzz updates every #FuzzFriday. 🙂

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