Police Dog Whose Officer Was Killed On Duty Returns Home To Love & Protect Slain Officer’s Wife

In Ligonier Township Pennsylvania, police officer Lt. Eric Eslary was killed when his patrol car was hit almost head-on by a suspected drunk driver. With him was his companion, K9 police officer Blek. While Blek’s handler was killed, Blek was injured but he survived the car crash. For two weeks, he was at the Allegheny County animal hospital. After he recovered, he went to officer Eric’s home.

The deceased police officer’s wife, Mary Beth, says that Blek is such a big comfort to her. Blek was a part of Eric’s life, and now that he’s living with Mary Beth, it’s like having a part of Eric with her. Blek has given her and her children the love and protection they needed during their time of grief. Watch the video below for the full story.

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