Police Identify Missing Husky By Seeing If He Sings Along To His Favorite Song

A missing dog was identified by police and reunite with his owner thanks to his talent to sing to popular television theme songs.

Israeli police officers out on patrol spotted the Husky looking bedraggled and sitting with a group of teens. Despite the dog’s appearance, he appeared to match the description of the missing dog. The dog was found with a group of teenagers who said that he looked malnourished when they found him in a field.

The police called the dog’s owner right away and suggested that he drive over to verify the dog was his. He suggested that they would be quickly able to tell if the dog was his because his husky would sing along to the Israeli sitcom Shemesh theme tune or to the introduction to the children’s program, Arthur.
The video below captures the heartwarming moment that police play the tunes and the husky bursts into a series of howls.

The officers passed on the happy news to the dog’s owner and later captured their emotional reunion on camera.

It’s not known how long the dog was missing, but it’s obvious from his condition that it must have been a while. But now that he’s in the arms of his dad he’ll no doubt be on the mend quickly.

Watch the joyous reunion in the video below!

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