Police Officer Assists Dog After Car Accident


This is a statement from the Newport News Police Department’s Facebook page:

Yesterday, MPO Poe responded to a car accident near Riverside Hospital. One of the driver’s had her dog, Freedom, with her and needed help with Freedom while she got checked out and made the necessary phone calls. MPO Poe, being a former K-9 handler, jumped at the chance to hang out with Freedom.

Today, we received multiple messages from citizens wanting to commend MPO Poe for his assistance and professionalism.  The driver who was involved in the accident sent us this picture and said, “I cannot thank the department enough. He was amazing and protected my baby.”

Another citizen said, “Kudos to your officer who aided at an accident on August 28th and gave aid and comfort to Freedom, the dog and his owner. I come from 3 generations of police officers from New Haven, Connecticut and it is heartening to hear praise for these fine men and women. Far too often we forget that policing is a difficult job and criticize those who literally put their lives on the line on a regular basis.”

Thank you MPO Poe for going above and beyond!

Here are a couple of comments from the comment thread on the post:

Shelia Wroten-Thompson My daughter is the owner of Freedom.  I live in Mathews Co. which is one hour away.  I was relieved knowing my daughter was in caring hands until I could arrive to be with her.  Thank you Officer Poe for taking care of Freedom and Amanda.  You sir are my hero.

Kimberly Poe Officer Poe is my wonderful husband. He is an amazing husband, father and officer.  He is amazing in his profession. All these wonderful comments give me goose bumps. Xoxoxo


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