Police Officer Carries 75-Pound Injured Dog Over 200 Yards To Safety

In 2013, Officer Nick Ague responded to a devastating car crash near Palmyra, PA. He heard two dogs involved in the accident ran away from the scene, terrified and traumatized by the experience. One of the dogs, a border collie, was caught immediately — but the German shepherd disappeared and ran across town. “I own a German shepherd myself and I know how devastated I would feel if I never saw my dog again or knew my dog was struck by a car,” the officer said.

Mya was finally spotted near the county line, and made a heartbreaking discovery. Ague and other officers on scene realized the dog couldn’t walk. She was completely fatigued, her paws bloody and sore from fleeing across the asphalt. That’s when the officer did something so incredible that his act of kindness went viral across the world. Using all of his strength and stamina, Officer Ague picked up the 75-pound shepherd and carried her all the way back to the owner’s vehicle, which was over 200 yards away. A powerful photo of the officer carrying the injured dog received thousands of comments on Facebook. “You hear so much about them being called fur babies and people looking at dogs as members of their families,” he said. “So a lot of them, knowing that’s how they are — I can see how this story would touch them in a way maybe other stories wouldn’t.”

Mya’s mom is eternally grateful for this courageous and strong officer. The pup recovered, and is alive and well today because of this man.


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