Police Officer Responds To A Call About A ‘VICIOUS’ Pit Bull. What He Does Next Amazed Me

A police officer got a not so uncommon call about a viscous pit bull. Unfortunately this is a very common call for most counties now. The pit bull has a bad wrap now for a long time and it’s time to stop it. When officer Sargent Gary Carter got the call he was well-prepared. He is a dog lover and well acquainted with people’s ignorance and lack of education about pits and wishes to educate people through his story and actions.
[youtube id=”JMkuMzUSnoA”] The owner has no clue how this pit escaped but he was certainly grateful to the officer that he was in one piece and safe. The owner and dog were so happy to see each other and the chip in the dog was what led the officer to the owner. Sargent Carter was just happy that dog and owner were reunited again. There is no greater joy or reward to dog lovers like Sargent Carter than to see a pit bull who is so sweet and loving get rescued and reunited with their owner or rescued and placed in a good home. Pit bulls are nanny dogs originally for watching kids.

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  1. monica

    That is wonderful that the police officer found the pit bull.The owner should thank him to being the cute pit bull home but it makes me happy that the owner love this beautiful and sweet pit bull and they love her and she love the kids too I love happy end special the video when the officer is sweet to her too.

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