Police officers get a pleasant surprise as he barges into a police station

Gorgi is a police dog but before you judge him, let’s quickly tell you his story as he showed up outside a police station in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. He had been living on the streets and hence he had gotten malnourished and there were also some signs of abuse on his body. What made Gorgi special is that despite suffering all this, he was still a polite and loving dog and everyone fell in love with him.

The police officers fed the dog and gave him water to drink. Police officers said that Gorgi was one of the friendliest dogs they had ever seen. He ate and had some water before leaving but only to return to the station next day. Soon enough, the officers grew attached to the dog so they collected money, got Gorgi a checkup by a vet and adopted him at the station. Soon enough, they got Gorgi a job as the station surveillance dog. He is such a happy and responsible dog who loves spending time around humans and loved his job.







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