Police Search Stranger’s Property After An Anonymous Complaint, Discover 130 Animals In Cages

Puppy mills and horrific people all over the world take advantage of animals’ inability to fend for themselves.

They take them and breed them, they make them fight, they use them for entertainment, or they just simply leave them for dead.

Every dog or animal rescued from unsafe or unsanitary living conditions makes everyone wonder, what is wrong with these people?

There is no silver lining to these situations unless the puppies are taken out of their bars, and their owners are put behind them.

Luckily for these 130 animals in North Carolina, an anonymous tip finally came in about a puppy mill taking place inside someone’s home.

The local police, along with the Humane Society, went into this residence to find cages on top of cages on top of cages.

In all, 105 dogs, 20 cats, and three goats were rescued. But some of them were holding on for life.

Their custody depends on the end result of the court case, but with this footage, I can’t imagine who would give another animal to this owner ever again.

The Humane Society of the United States has a reward program that will offer up to $5,000 for tips about animal cruelty.

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