Police Surprise Family With A New Puppy After Their Dog Was Killed In A Hit And Run

13-year-old Mia Huang and her dog Panda were out for a walk in Cranbury, New Jersey, when an SUV hit them while crossing the road. The driver didn’t stop to help the girl and fled the scene.

Mia was rushed to the hospital and suffered a concussion, road rash, and a lot of pain. Sadly, Panda didn’t survive the accident and died due to impact.

Mia’s father, Andrew Huang, believes that Panda most likely saved Mia’s life by taking the brunt of the impact. Witnesses of the incident sat with the dog and comforted her until she passed away at the scene.

Thankfully, Mia survived, but the family was absolutely devastated that they lost their beloved furbaby. That’s when Cranbury police officers decided to do something nice to cheer them up, and surprised the Huang family with a new puppy. They brought the pup to the Huang household and filmed the family’s reactions. They were overjoyed by the officers’ kind gesture.

While a new puppy won’t take away the pain the Huang family is feeling after losing their sweet Panda, it will definitely help them begin to heal and help fill that void.

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