Police Thermal Image Camera Catches The Selfless Actions Of One VERY Loyal Dog

When a police crew got the call that senior citizen Martin Kay had been missing for over seven hours, they knew the only way to properly search through the dense forest, bogs, and marshes was with an eye high up in the sky.

With the invention of the thermal imaging camera, helicopters flying way up in the air can search through huge amounts of land with minimal effort. This technology can do everything from finding a lost child to capturing a criminal who is trying to hide in the bushes. Even if it’s dark outside, that doesn’t mean your body heat isn’t letting off a huge glow.

But when this crew was informed of the missing man, they acted with the same amount of professionalism as they would in any scenario. They took to the sky, and soon enough they found their man! There was only one little interesting thing to add: there was a dog lying down right next to him.

The man had lost his footing and fell into the muddy bog, and for anyone who has ever been around a marsh before, you’ll easily agree just how scary and dangerous that can be. Similar to quicksand, if you’re all alone, the only thing you can really do is stay still, don’t struggle, and wait for help. The more you struggle, the more you’ll sink!

Thankfully, the stuck man had some company beside him who refused to leave his side. His incredible and loyal dog Holly Blue decided to guard the man from any animals that might come to hurt him. For seven whole hours, she stood by his side, and for seven hours, she didn’t move a muscle! Thankfully the cops showed up when they did, so everyone could be brought home.

Something tells us that this dog is going to get quite the treat when he’s safe indoors again!

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