Polite Dog Wipes His Paws Before Entering The House

Having a dog is a lot of work. Those who’ve been dog owners in the past can attest to how messy they can be.

Every day, owners have to let their dogs out for multiple potty walks and in some environments, that can result in quite a mess.

I live in an area that’s frequently muddy and wet. When my dog goes out for a potty walk, his paws instantly get filthy. It’s something that happens no matter what season it is, but it’s definitely the worst in the wet winter and spring months.

He’s tried wearing dog booties to prevent his feet from getting dirty on walks, but they didn’t work out. So, I either have to clean his paws 3+ times per day when he goes outside or allow the house to be tracked up with muddy, grubby paw prints.

It’d sure be nice if he could learn to wipe his own paws at the door before entering the house, but that’s a pipe dream for us. However, it’s the reality for one dog owner who has the most polite pooch!

In the video below, you can see a dog coming in from outside, but before he enters the house he takes the time to wipe off his paws on the doormat!

He doesn’t just do a quick wipe either, but is thorough and ensures all four of his paws are clean.

How nice is that?

Check out the clip below:

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