Pomeranian Does The Most Adorable Thing When She Gets Her Hair Cut

A Pomeranian getting a haircut has gone viral for her adorable reaction to the sheers. Instead of being frightened, the tiny dog seems to love it and seems to be grooving to the clips.

A “non-musical” version of the clip first appeared on reddit, with many people guessing what song would go with the little dog’s “dance moves”.

“I love her smiling eyes at the end,” said one. “Absolute nugget,” said another. One person who says she’s a groomer said, “The sound of the scissors seem to do this! Us groomers always get a kick out of it.”

Here’s the original video.

One redditor made a version with what they thought was an appropriate song choice. Here it is to enjoy.

And here’s the original reddit clip (without sound).

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