Pooch Is Caught Stealing On Camera, And His Reaction Had Us In Stitches

When the cat food was disappearing and the cat was constantly hungry, it was clear that something was amiss. Suspecting that the cat was not getting everything that was set out for her, this family set up cameras to investigate.

he result was a surprise because the cat door had always been too small for the family beagle to fit through. But all that changed after a few months of consistent nightly walks. It seems that Buddha’s new-found fitness and weight loss were just what he needed to squeeze through the small opening to where the cat dish is!

If your Beagle dog is left without the necessary exercise and inactive, obesity can be a serious problem. Beagles will eat any food left available to them, so they rely strongly on their owners to regulate their weight. They have been known to jump on tables or on kitchen counters (some even engineer ways to climb up, like pushing chairs around) and steal their owner’s food from under their noses!

So if your Beagle is behaving like greedy Buddha here, make sure to set the boundaries straight. Make sure to have them understand which food is their to eat and which isn’t and by all means do not feed them scraps from your own dinner table!

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